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2023 Calabash, NC, Turkey Trot: What to Expect

September 23, 2023

For countless individuals and families across the nation, the Turkey Trot has evolved from a mere race into a cherished annual tradition. A harmonious blend of community, fitness, and holiday spirit, the Turkey Trot not only sets the tone for a day of gratitude and feasting but also weaves itself into the very fabric of the season, becoming as much a staple of Thanksgiving as the golden turkey itself. At Kingfish Bay we are honored that our community is able to host a portion of the largest Turkey Trot on The Grand Strand. Here are 9 things you can expect with this year’s festive community affair:

  1. Scenic Route: Calabash, known as the “Seafood Capital of the World,” is beautifully located along the Calabash River. Turkey Trot participants can anticipate a picturesque route that showcases the town’s natural beauty, passing by waterways and charming local establishments, and more specifically, the Caribbean-style coastal-style homes throughout our community.
  2. Race Lengths: The turkey trot offers a variety of lengths to cater to runners and walkers of all abilities. Expect a 1-mile fun run, 5K race, 10K race, and 3 race challenge. You can register for the Calabash Turkey Trot by clicking here: REGISTER NOW
  3. Local Support: Our neighborhood, as well as the entire town of Calabash, is filled with support. If not a runner, it’s still encouraged to come out and cheer on others, as well as stop by local businesses. It’s a great opportunity to engage with the community, learn about local businesses, and possibly even snag some deals or discounts. If able to go the extra mile, volunteer! Some volunteer slots are still open and you can claim yours by clicking here!
  4. Post-race Celebrations: After the race, participants can enjoy pumpkin pie while having a fun time near the Calabash waterfront all morning long. So plan to stay a while watching the finishers and hang around for medals for race winners, and other festivities that promote community bonding.
  5. Souvenirs: All turkey trot finishers will receive a medal commemorating the event. Participants can join us for a 10K, 5K, or 1 Mile -or- choose to run all 3 in the challenge to earn each race medal PLUS a bonus spinning challenge medal! These medals serve as a memento to the participants’ accomplishments and a keepsake from the day. Those who participate in the 5k,10k, or 3 race challenge will receive a race t-shirt.
  6. Seasonal Weather: Given that the Turkey Trot takes place in late November, participants can expect cool but variable weather. It’s always a good idea to check the forecast a few days ahead and dress accordingly.

The Kingfish Bay community is thrilled to announce its inclusion as a pivotal part of the course for the 2023 Calabash Turkey Trot. Our picturesque surroundings and vibrant community spirit make for a perfect backdrop for this cherished event. As the season of gratitude approaches, we’re filled with excitement and anticipation to see the runners and walkers from near and far converge on our beautiful streets and pathways. The combined energy of tradition, fitness, and community will surely make this year’s Turkey Trot memorable for everyone involved. We extend a warm welcome to all participants and can’t wait to see the sea of enthusiastic faces on race day!