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Community Clubs and Activities

At Kingfish Bay the lifestyle is relaxed, and the views are serene, so you can feel vacation vibes all day, every day. But if you like to stay active, there are clubs for you!

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Building Community Through Clubs and Activities

Kingfish Bay’s clubs and activities are central to nurturing a strong sense of community. From bocce and book discussions to golf and pickleball, these gatherings encourage camaraderie and active participation. Residents organize and lead these groups voluntarily, fostering deeper connections and a sense of ownership. Whether it’s through fitness classes or strategic planning committees, there’s a place for everyone to engage and feel part of the vibrant Kingfish Bay community.

Discover New Passions at Every Stage of Life

At Kingfish Bay, we welcome residents from all walks of life to explore new interests and broaden their horizons. Our community is vibrant with diverse clubs and activities that cater to everyone—whether you’re a young professional, a family, or enjoying retirement. If you’re retired and considering a move to Kingfish Bay, you’ll find opportunities to engage in new hobbies or pick up where you left off on old ones. From learning the strategy behind bocce to enjoying the social aspects of our wine tasters club, there’s always something to enrich your lifestyle. Kingfish Bay is not just a place to live—it’s a place to thrive, discover, and connect at any stage of your life.

Clubs & Activities

  • Bocce: Saturdays, 3-5 PM at the community Riverfront Park.
  • Golf: Meets every other Sunday for a fun, stress-free 9 holes.
  • Pickle Ball: Play the fast-growing sport! Meets twice a week at Ocean Isle Beach Park, weather permitting.
  • Water Aerobics: Fun fitness at the Clubhouse Pool, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30 AM. Moves indoors during cooler weather.
  • Garden Club: Located next to the Clubhouse Pool. Join and cultivate connection!
  • Wine Tasters: Join and explore more once you’re a resident.
  • Book Club: The book club meets in our Clubhouse at least once monthly. Share your favorite new read!
  • Resident Advisory Committee: Help manage community aspects like Finance, Operations, Landscaping, Safety, and Communications.
  • Social Events: Our residents frequently organize gatherings and happy hours, especially at our Calabash and Sunset Beach Clubhouses.