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Kingfish Bay Development Realtor Referral Commission

For NC Licensed Realtors, at Kingfish Bay we offer buyers agents 2% commissions on introduced sales!

To take advantage and get started with this awesome program we ask that you first register your client with Kingfish Bay Development, LLC using the form, below or by calling a Community Sales Specialist at Kingfish Bay. 

This program is subject to the following conditions and requirements to qualify:

  1. Register your client by filling out the form below or by calling  our Sales Center and registering with a Community Sales Specialist over the phone;
  2. One of our Community Sales Specialists will then reach out to you to confirm that you have been entered into the Program for the client referred. You will not be registered with the Program until confirmed.
  3. Have your client then come into the Kingfish Bay Sales Center to meet with a Community Sales Specialist during our Sales Center office hours or outside of those hours by appointment with one of our Community Sales Specialists;
  4. On arrival at the Kingfish Bay Sales Center, your registered client must provide your name as their registered Realtor  and have been registered with the program prior to the earlier of  their initial visit or the booking of their appointment; 
  5. If  we have more than one Realtor registered for a particular client, then this program will apply solely to the realtor who registered for the program first in time for that client; and
  6. If your registered client proceeds to purchase a new home at Kingfish Bay Development, your commission would be payable to you out of the proceeds of the lot sale following the closing of the lot sale. No Commissions shall be due or payable to you, unless:
    (i) you meet all the requirements, above; (ii) you actually introduced the buyer to Kingfish Bay and one of its Community Sales Specialists; and
    (iii) until the lot sale closes and the full purchase funds payable at closing are received by Kingfish Bay Development, LLC.

We are looking forward to building a bridge to success and working with you, our local participating Realtors, and your valued clients!  

Use the form below to register right now or call one of our Community Specialists at 910-579-4657 during Community Sales Center hours Monday – Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm; Sunday, 11:00 am – 6:00 pm.

Kingfish Bay Development, LLC Broker Referral

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