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Weekly Update: April 10, 2018

April 10, 2018

Check out April 10th’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates!

Homes that  enhance a natural living experience!

  • Starting to frame second floor covered Loggia on Angelfish B-11
  • Sanding drywall to prepare for interior paint on Angelfish B-12 and Bonita C-9
  • Flooring has been installed for CV-5 Tarpon
  • Countertops have been installed in Kitchen and Bathrooms for CV-5 Tarpon
  • Shelving and organizing unit has been installed in the master closet in CV-5 Tarpon
  • Starting to tile the pool for CV-5 Tarpon
  • Added palm trees to the landscape around CV-1 Tarpon
  • Framed sidewalks to prepare for concrete on CV-7, CV-9, and CV-10
  • Installed kitchen and bathroom countertops in C-10 Albacore
  • Appliances are in C-10 Albacore
  • Running underground electric for the Courtyard Villas
  • More plants have been delivered for landscaping