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Weekly Update: April 9, 2020

April 9, 2020

Whether you’re taking a stroll along the Riverfront Park or just spending some alone time in the peaceful outdoors, Kingfish Bay is most accommodating!

Check out April 9th’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates.

  • Slab poured C-49 Albacore II
  • Pool CV-16 Longfin
  • Siding installation C-25 Anchor Coral II
  • Roofing C-25 Anchor Coral II
  • Rough electrical trim out C-25 Anchor Coral II
  • Appliances set B-23 Angelfish
  • Drywall B-24 Angelfish
  • Fencing C-43 Hawkfish
  • Travertine patio SF-31 Sea Star
  • Gutters SF-31 Sea Star