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Weekly Update: December 10, 2019

December 10, 2019

Check out December 10th’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates.

‘Tis the Season to LIVE RELAXED at Kingfish Bay!

  • Windows set C-21 Albacore II
  • Starting to prime interior C-40 Albacore II
  • Landscaping CV-18 Longfin
  • Interior light fixtures installed CV-17 Tarpon
  • Wrapping B-22 Angelfish
  • Cabinets installed B-28 Angelfish
  • Countertops installed B-2 Seahorse
  • Drywall mudded B-3 Seahorse
  • Tub set B-29 Seahorse
  • Drywall mudded B-29 Seahorse
  • Painted exterior C-43 Hawkfish
  • Framing SF-26 Blue Dawn