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Weekly Update: February 1, 2018

February 1, 2018

Check out February 1st’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates! Overlooking the Calabash River, this Gated Waterfront Community is A SIGHT TO BEHOLD!

  • B-12 Angelfish is under roof
  • Insulating CV-4 Marlin and CV-9 Tarpon
  • Completing trim work and exterior painting on CV-5 Tarpon
  • Installing HVAC system in CV-1 Tarpon
  • Master bathroom and closet is tiled in C-11 Cobia
  • Interior light fixtures in C-11 Cobia
  • Countertops have been installed in C-11 Cobia
  • Installed cabinets in Albacore C-2 and C-8
  • Flooring is being installed in C-2 Albacore
  • Getting the grade established for water meter boxes
  • Curbs have been poured in the back alley behind the courtyard villas – road to be paved soon