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Weekly Update: March 14, 2018

March 14, 2018

Check out March 14th’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates!
Beautiful things are “Springing” up all over Kingfish Bay!

• Sidewalk poured in front of the Angelfish Bungalows
• Walkway/Entrance framed and ready for concrete at the Angelfish B-15
• Slab has been poured on Angelfish B-11
• Exterior of CV-4 Marlin is painted. The front entrance/walkway is framed and ready for concrete.
• Framing has begun on C-4 Albacore
• Insulation is in C-6 Albacore
• Garage doors have been installed on C-10 Albacore & C-11 Cobia
• CV-1 Tarpon exterior is painted and first coat of interior paint has been applied
• Front entrance/walkway in framed for CV-5 Tarpon
• C-3 Bonita exterior has been painted
• Drywall has been installed in C-3 Bonita
• Sidewalk is framed and ready for concrete around the Seahorse Bungalow
• Alley behind the Courtyard Villas has been covered in black top
• Bungalow parking area has been covered in black top