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Weekly Update: May 15, 2018

May 15, 2018

Check out May 15th’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates!
Lookin’ good … naturally!

• Countertops are installed in B-12 Angelfish
• Drywall has been installed in B-11 Angelfish
• Painted the side shutters to match the front door colors for Angelfish’s B-14, B-13, and B-12
• Installing tile in CV-1 Tarpon
• Landscaping and fencing have been added to the pool area for C-11 Cobia
• Interior lighting installed and landscaped added to the pool area for C-3 Bonita
• Countertops have been delivered and flooring is being installed in C-6 Albacore
• Exterior painting almost complete. Drywall is installed and prepping to paint interior of C-4 Albacore II
• Rough plumbing is complete for C-7 Albacore II
• House wrapped, under roof, and windows are installed for B-1 Seahorse
• Continuing to frame the Nature Pavilion