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Weekly Update: May 21, 2020

May 21, 2020

Time to get Back to Nature.

Check out May 21st’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates.

  • Shower tile C-42 Albacore II
  • Handrail C-42 Albacore II
  • Drywall installed C-49 Albacore II
  • Tiling shower B-24 Angelfish
  • Floor tile B-30 Seahorse
  • Shower tile B-30 Seahorse
  • Rough plumbing trim SF-25 Blue Fin
  • Exterior door installed SF-25 Blue Fin
  • Appliances set SF-26 Blue Dawn
  • Barn doors installed SF-26 Blue Dawn
  • Pool SF-26 Blue Dawn
  • Fireplace SF-26 Blue Dawn