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Weekly Update: May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018

Check out May 22nd’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates!

Getting your Dream Home all ready for you!

  • Landscaping has been added around B-12 Angelfish
  • Starting to frame B-17 Angelfish
  • Poured concrete for the walkways between the Angelfish Bungalows
  • Tiled bathrooms in C-3 Bonita
  • Installed cabinets in C-3 Bonita
  • Cabinets and countertops are installed in CV-1 Tarpon
  • Plumbing fixtures are set in CV-1 Tarpon
  • Building a fireplace in CV-1 Tarpon
  • Cabinets installed in CV-4 Marlin
  • Tiled bathrooms in C-6 Albacore
  • Plumbing fixtures are set in C-6 Albacore
  • Installed backsplash in C-6 Albacore
  • Digging for underground electric in C-4 Albacore II
  • Rough-in mechanical is complete for C-7 Albacore II
  • Continuing to frame the Nature Pavilion