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Weekly Update: October 17, 2019

October 17, 2019

Check out October 17th’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates.

“The trees are in their autumn beauty; The woodland paths are dry; Under the October twilight; The water mirrors a still sky.” ~ William Butler Yeats

  • Prepping for slab C-12 Albacore II
  • Slab poured C-40 Albacore II
  • Landscaping complete C-55 Albacore II
  • Pavers around pool CV-14 Longfin
  • Mirrors and bath accessories installed CV-14 Longfin
  • Backsplash in kitchen and appliances set CV-14 Longfin
  • Painting exterior CV-17 Tarpon
  • Landscaping C-41 Anchor Coral II
  • Framing B-22 Angelfish
  • Landscaping complete B-25 Angelfish
  • Rough HVAC B-28 Angelfish
  • Rough plumbing trim B-28 Angelfish
  • Roofing installation B-2 Seahorse
  • Poured driveway SF-27 Amberjack
  • Rough HVAC C-23 Parrot Fish II
  • Pavers installed around pool C-32 Parrot Fish II