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Weekly Update: October 22, 2019

October 22, 2019

Check out October 22nd’s Kingfish Bay Construction Updates.

Enjoy the Riverfront Lifestyle of Kingfish Bay AND the beach life with our Oceanfront Clubhouse at Sunset Beach!

  • Slab poured for C-12 Albacore II
  • Framing C-40 Albacore II
  • Insulation CV-17 Tarpon
  • Framing B-22 Angelfish
  • Finishing siding installation B-2 Seahorse
  • Under slab plumbing B-3 Seahorse
  • Under slab plumbing B-29 Seahorse
  • Shower tiled B-31 Seahorse
  • Cabinets and countertops installed B-31 Seahorse
  • Siding installation C-23 Parrot Fish II